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5th September, 2016.

Yesterday’s blog was my 100th blog. I couldn’t believe that I could write for 100 days on a trot. I felt good. Successful. Winner.

But, the race is not over yet. I’ve been planning to write on many things in the future. I’ve got ideas and I just need the push to write them down.

I clicked the above picture today. I love sunny days with white clouds floating in the bright blue sky. The perfect weather for me. I wish I was on a beach or on a hill gazing at those beautiful clouds rather than being stuck in my room reading a sequel of a book. I admit: sequels of YA Books are dreadful. This sequel is the last one I’m reading in this genre.

I was looking forward for tomorrow, but the plan is cancelled. 😦

I’m going to do something good. Please Universe, motivate me to do something good. Make something good happen.


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