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A School Crush

We're back in school,

And like every friendship starts,

Our starts during recess,

As we open our tiffin boxes,

And I somewhat confess,

How nervous I was while solving the math problem on the board,

Because honestly, every sum, every formula,

Goes above my head,

And you are surprised when you hear me say it,

Because, you, are a math champ,

And you always thought I knew it all with the confidence I had.

But, no, I didn't.

And then the conversations flowed effortlessly,

Like they do, when a spark is lit,

And it keeps burning with an intensity of just the way we look at each other,

But pretend not to,

When the other one is caught staring.

And when all this slow burn intensifies,

When we're about to hold hands,

I wake up from the dream,

I'll never be able complete now.

image from pinterest


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