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Al Jazeera

​Many a times the policy making strategies by media houses changes according to governance. Thus the news becomes biased and focuses only on the powerful nations in the world.

Al Jazeera gained popularity post 2001 as CNN, an American media house had become too biased in publishing the news of the nations in the Middle East and the way they portrayed the third world nations.

The people residing in the Middle East and third world nations were quite disappointed with the way their culture and traditions were portrayed by the western media. The western media portrayed them only as oil merchants or terrorists and made the audiences believe that there is no humanity in the people living in the Middle Eastern countries.

To stop the stereotypical behavior of the world of looking at them as only oil merchants and/or terrorists, Al Jazeera became a channel for decision making in the Arabic nations. Al Jazeera started to show the stories which were shown by Western media channels such as BBC or CNN with a completely different angle. The news angle which the western media could not look at was being covered by Al Jazeera. People all over the world could see the difference between the coverage done by the Western media and the news stories shown by Al Jazeera about the same issue.

Al Jazeera became a policy changer about how to look at certain topics of news. Along with the coverage of the news, Al Jazeera showed everyone the beauty of the Arabic nations which was never shown before by any media channel. Al Jazeera came as a refreshment to all the news channels in the world; stopping the stereotypical allegations and constant bombarding that the Arab nations are terrorist prone only.


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