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I was walking through the winding roads,

Crunching Aspen leaves with every step,

When I heard the rumble of a motor,

This is how you arrived,

In my life,

On a bike.

Jet black, matte,

Black leather jacket,

Army boots,

And black shades on your eyes,

Damn, that criminal vibe.

I thought of letting you pass,

But it was too late,

As you slowed down,

Stopping right in front of me,

And dramatically removing,

Your shades revealing,

Eyes like autumn leaves.

Without much word,

I sling back behind you,

You rev up the bike,

And let the wind whistle,

Making my hair wild,

Suddenly you become all so mysterious.

Your eyes never left the road,

Except for once when,

You caught me looking,

At your left cheek,

With a scar,

And I continued to stare back,

In your eyes,

That reflected the entire season of autumn,

And in one blink,

I’m getting off your bike,

And you put your shades back on,

And I realise,

I haven’t really been anywhere,

But I’ve been standing at the same place,

From where I heard your bike’s rumbling song.


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