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Assignments is a task given to someone which helps him/her to study a particular thing. Assignments are very obvious in schools and colleges now-a-days. Mostly, the assignments given in schools are based on drawing, painting, sticking, scrap-booking etc but in college it is mostly focused on copy-pasting from the Internet about any random topic which will fetch you marks for your academic year. The sole purpose of assignments have become marks in the recent years. I totally disagree with the idea of assignments and marks. Assignments are a way to learn about a new thing in a unique manner. By going out to places, getting first hand information, writing in your own way or presenting it in the form of a documentary. Whereas, now all we do it, surf the Internet for information, print it out or create a PowerPoint presentation and just go out there in the class and hand it over to the professor who throws it in the junk and gives us marks based on…. WHAT? Eventually, did we learn something out of it? Did that assignment change us is some way? NO. It just provided us marks and nothing else which are not going to be of any use in the future. I don’t know whether this assignment thing is going to change or not, but, I’m really excited about any of such type of assignments.

P.S. I’m only ranting about one such assignment I’m supposed to do but I don’t want to do. Thanks!


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