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Between Arrivals and Departures

I sit here,

Amidst Arrivals and Departures,

In this journey of life,

That promises to be an adventure for a lifetime!

I sit here,

Waiting for the connecting flight,

That soars me in the sky with as less turbulence as possible,

And lands me safe at my destination; whenever that’s supposed to be.

I sit here,

Staring at my phone,

Scrolling through Instagram endlessly,

Imagining the aesthetic shot I would want to click when I get on the flight,

And post with a certain caption to tell my followers, I’m flying, finally.

I sit here,

With all my anxious thoughts before the flight,

About the seat,

Who’s sitting beside me,

Did I zip the bag properly?

What if they lose my luggage?

And I carry all this baggage as I walk towards the cafe,

And walk back to my chair,

Then deciding to actually buy a coffee,

And deciding otherwise thinking,

What if coffee increases my anxiety,

And anyway, coffee gives me a migraine.

So, I sit here,

Between Arrivals and Departures,

To wait to reach the destination,

And do all the things I’m supposed to do,

In life and in this journey,

Which obviously I can’t do now,

For I’m in nowhere,

But somewhere,

That leads me to where I really want to go.

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