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Calm & Happiness.

When I got up this morning and switched off my alarm, I wished if it hadn’t rung this morning. I was so lazy to get up that I snoozed it for over an hour before I got out of bed. Yes, there are days when you’re motivated and positive the moment you turn your alarm off or there are days like today. I started my day by procrastinating about everything and meanwhile tried to motivate my self to be positive and open for the adventures of the world. The thing I realized then was the more we think, the more we miss the randomness of the moment. You cannot plan everything. You cannot be positive every single day and sometimes you’ve to leave whatever is happening to the universe and just play your part in the big picture. Things really do fall in place. Trust me in this. The day has ended on a really good note. Nothing grand or happening. But, everything falling in place and calmness. 🙂


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