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Care Less.

Caring, according to me is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Care (verb) means to feel concerned or interested or feeling attached to something. I won’t consider the noun care here because actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes, it’s the tendency of some humans to care about something in excess. They love in excess, care about things in excess and get affected in excess. That excess is sometimes destroying and devastating.

The only moral I have learned in last few months is to care less. If you care less, you’ll hurt yourself less. If you care less, you’ll be sad less. If you care less, you worry less. If you care less, you frown less. If you care less, you become happy. Care less about the messages still unreceived. Care less about the calls not made. Care less about the piece of cake you ate! When there are no extra tensions burdening your shoulders, it gives you time for yourself, to ponder upon the running thoughts in your head and capture them in the form of a story. Care less, be happy, smile more.


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