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I’m constantly thinking of conversations,

I’m having, I’m going to have or I have had,

With a friend right now,

With someone later in the day,

Or with you in the past.

Unknown to the fact that,

That conversation could be our last,

(Was the last)

So, I’m calculating the words,

Finding the best ways to say them,

So that they mean what I want to say,

But also, the don’t hurt you in any way.

For I think too much,

About conversations,

I want to have, I need to have, I wish I had,

With someone, sometime, someday.

P. S.: I’m trying this thing out recently, it’s called talking about the feelings you’re feeling. 😛

And I must admit, I’m not good at it. I mean, I can write it out for you, but, they won’t be as much as I want to say because I can cut out so many parts, you know?

So, when it comes to ‘talking about it’ without calculating so much and just laying everything out there, it’s scary and liberating at the same time.

+ I can’t tell you how lucky it is to have conversations with few people so effortlessly. 🙂

This is a sign for you to drop a text to someone, call someone up and just talk. About your day, about their day, about anything and everything. ❤️


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