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Drama Of Life

I see it,

Happening from a distance,

Like a spectator,

As it all plays out,

Right in front of my eyes,

And, honestly?

I have the best seat of all.

Thanks to the universe,

That starts unfolding the story,

Twist after twist,

Until it's evident,

How the dots eventually connect,

So effortlessly,

Like it was supposed to happen,

Like I was not just a spectator anymore,

But also a huge part of the plot,

That made me feel like the main character,

And also, the others have felt the same too.

Like it's all a big story,

Slowly revealing,

All of the parts that I never knew.

And now I see it,

Clearly happening,

As I listen to theories,

That are more like epiphanies,

And I know,

Everything is happening for a reason,

Like a drama,

Where I'm an audience,

The writer, director, villian,

And the main character too.


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