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Go For It

I looked up for signs,

Found many in abundance,

All saying,

Go for it.

My favorite poet’s poems suggested to dig for my happiness,

Take a stand on my own,

Take what’s mine,

Go for it.

A person I follow on Instagram said,

Regret can be healed if you did something rather than regretting something without doing it.

Being a person who doesn’t regret,

I took it as a sign,

Go for it.

Someone on Twitter tweeted,

If you never try it, how will you know if it actually turns out to be.

It was definitely a sign to,

Go for it.

Then again, another Facebook post,

Which was of a letter to someone,

Completely related to my situation,

It was time to,

Go for it.

People told me to,

Go for it.

I felt to,

Go for it.

Tell me please,

If I interpreted them wrong,

Because even after going for it,

I’m losing my faith,

In all the signs which led me to you,

Despite breaking my only one rule,

Keeping the signs above it too,

Tell me please,

If I’m wrong,

Probably another sign,

A little too strong.

Universe, Go for it.

Coincidentally yesterday’s blog started with the phrase, Go For It.


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