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In and Out.

‘In and Out’ is the theme of my 5 poem series which will be starting from tomorrow.

I was sitting one evening and got the first line in my head which I thought was good enough to write down. I got a flow to write a poem out of it. What was ahead was, me writing a sequel to it and then another poem to continue it and finally penning down 5 poems in a story format in matter of 10 minutes.

The poems are of 12 lines each. Minimal usage of words but deep in meaning.

In and Out narrates about a girl who is a happy-go-lucky personality and her phase of being in depression, accepting it, understanding it and finally coming out of it.

I hope you all read it and share it with people who have been through this phase of life and to those people too who are going through it. Let’s encourage them and tell them that this is not the end.


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