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Laughing Out Loud.

This incident occurred yesterday when I was waiting for the elevator in college. Firstly, my college has 4 elevators out of which only 2 will work at a time. So, while waiting there, I saw a girl running and getting in the elevator which had just arrived on the ground floor. Apparently, I saw the elevator open and few people coming out of the dark cabin. (Yes, the lights were not working) Thus, I didn’t get in it because 1. I once got into that elevator without paying attention that it’ll all go dark inside when the doors will close and 2. I feel claustrophobic in elevators.

So, that girl, running got into that elevator and I exclaimed to her while the doors were closing, “There are no lights in there!” She immediately pressed the open door button and after few seconds, the door opened and I started to laugh like crazy!

Meanwhile, another elevator arrived and we both got in laughing. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the situation. Yes, I apologized for laughing in front of her and she said it’s okay and we laughed a little more!


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