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Little Things That Hurt

Little things have been bothering me today,

Like how someone didn't remember I bought a certain thing months ago when I clearly, excitedly, eagerly shared photos of it with them first and then on Instagram days later.

Then, again a few days later, because it mattered to me.

Someone didn't remember that little detail.

Someone minimised my existence to a person who can only help to cook and serve food. Not because I'm a good cook, but because, probably they only had one issue that I could solve, cooking food. I'm refraining to think further and add "because I'm a woman." Because that'll only make me feel worse.

Probably these are just little thing,

But these little things have occupied a little space in my head,

As I try to move past them,

Giving them the benefit of doubt,

And brushing it off like it never happened.

[but, i remember little things about you. but, i'm more than just a cook. but, i would never do the same to you. but, i would never hurt you]


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