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Long Locks and Mighty Sixes.


He comes out to bat with every bit of calmness and with an aim to finish the game. He discharges each ball with an orthodox fashion to the boundary line which makes me go gaga over him every time.

He isn’t one of those persons who boosts himself in front of everyone but he’s the one who backs himself so much that even he, himself cannot change his decision to give up. His plans on the field seem to be ridiculous most of the times, but he knows how to execute them and make them successful which just makes the world go in awe for him.

I can just continue to write such things for him for the whole day and I won’t get tired even for a second. One afternoon I was flipping channels on TV and saw a person in Indian jersey with long locks hitting sixes and not even smiling to his non-striker. I saw the batsman’s name and from then onwards, I admired him to infinity and beyond. There was no single day that I’ve said anything bad about him or felt that he’s like another small-town boy who has got a chance to play for the country. He was special. He will always be.

It feels magical to write all these things about him. Call me dreamy, but truth is said. I feel in the seventh heaven right now.


He is the light in the darkness. He’s the calmness of the universe. He’s the finisher of matches. He’s my super hero.

I fell for his long locks and his mighty sixes.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni. ❤


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