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Midnight Dance Party

I don't remember the last time,

I was this happy, stress-free and relieved,

That I simply plugged in my headphones,

And played some of my favorite songs on high volume,

Let my hair loose,

And partied solo in my bedroom late after the midnight!

This was almost a monthly routine back at home,

When I needed a distraction to let go of all the excess energy I had,

Even after a long, crazy, hectic work-day.

Last night was different though,

I was dancing after years,

And it felt so amazing,

To find a little part of myself back,

After losing it to situations and circumstances out of my control.

So, when the same old songs,

That once made me feel alive,

Gave me the same ecstatic vibe,

I felt alive,

With a newly lit spark and hope,

That things haven't ended yet,

There's so much more to live for.


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