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Out of place.

There are times when you sit among your friends and still feel out of place because you cannot understand a word they are speaking or laugh on the jokes they crack. There are times during a lecture when you try your level best in concentrating of what the professor is teaching but you just are out of place and after the lecture ends you realize that you don’t even know what the professor was teaching about. There are times when you’re reading a book and keep on reading and re-reading the same paragraph again and again because you don’t understand what is written. What do you think you are gone during that out of place moments? Are you somewhere in the cosmos among the stars and the moon soaring happily or are you among the volcanic lava which is waiting for the moment to burst out? Are you in search of yourself who is lost in the moment and out of place? Or are you at the perfect place, where you should be, but you’re not because you’re stuck somewhere else? I only hope that, wherever you’re, you find yourself and love yourself. Because, you’re no less than the whole wide world to someone.


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