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Painstakingly Lovely.

I woke up at 5 in the morning today and the very first thought which came in my mind was, ‘MATCH DAY!’ I’ve been waiting since last 2 days for today’s match. All the build up by Star Sports and my favorite Sports Presenter was 40% of the reason of my excitement and the rest of the 60% was to see MS Dhoni play for the country again!

I’m a real crazy fan of the sport of Cricket. It is something which can calm me down and can also make me scream on the top of my lungs at the players which cannot even hear me!

I always see the pre-match show before any match and I instantly called me friend as her favorite Cricketer was analysing the game plan but she was busy in something else. 😛 Toss happened, India won the toss and chose to bowl. But the biggest part of the evening was when the Indian national anthem started and the whole crowd started to sing along with the instrumental being played. Mind you, the match is being played in Miami and not in India and that brought a wide smile on my face. 🙂

The match started and the Indian bowlers were thrashed without any generosity by the West Indian batsmen. I was shouting at the bowlers but I really didn’t get angry by how my team was playing as I was watching Cricket after a long time and it was really good to see my favorites playing.

The match is still not over. I’ll be a little disappointed if we lose it and I think we will lose it, but cricket is the painstakingly lovely!

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