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Parachute Journalism

Fright or threat are two important things to which any journalist has to be friends with. A journalist cannot be frightened of threatened from any situation in the society. He has to wear his heart on his sleeve and just go for the kill to get a story for his firm. Being fearless in the field of journalism is a must.

The thrill of covering a story outside a local area gives a journalist the biggest opportunity to prove his fearless skills. With the globalization of news, it has become important for the news firms to cover all the areas in the world and present an unbiased opinion on serious issues occurring all over the world. For this purpose, firms have journalists who visit places, observe the situations, write a report on the same and leave the place to go to another place for covering another news. This type of journalism is known as parachute journalism as the journalist hypothetically flies from one place to another in search of news.

Hop, Skip, and Jump are the best words to describe a parachute journalist. Parachute journalism is mainly seen during the times of disasters like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, tornados, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, during election campaigns, sports events, wars etc. Journalists covering a natural disaster visit the location of disruption, analyze the impact of destruction and write a news report on the same. Whereas while covering an election campaign, a journalist needs to have a detailed information about the politics of the nation so that the readers receive factual news instead of any information based on assumptions or unconfirmed opinions of the party members.

The result of the presidential elections in the United States of America received coverage from all over the world. Journalists from all over the world were present during the victory speech of the victorious president. Reporters kept their firms updated with the counting of the votes and how winning a certain state would impact the overall result of the elections. Most of the reporters were up and away for another assignment after covering the election results.



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