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Rabbit In The Storm

Once upon a time in a forest thick and wild, there lived a rabbit, who lost her way home everyday.

She was lost so often, that she now considered the whole forest her home.

And it was too.

With Magpies as chattery friends, Deers as running partners, Butterflies as lunch dates and fireflies as 3 AM buddies; the whole forest feels like home.

Until the skies start to turn grey from blue.

Then the magpies don’t hear your call, the deers keep running away, butterflies are busy for lunches and fireflies are stray.

The whole forest feels like a stranger now.

As thunder rumbles in the sky and lightning lights up the forest, there are shadows and noises unknown to the rabbit.

Where does the rabbit go now? For the whole forest is it’s home and yet it doesn’t feel that way. Every minute is darker than the minute gone away.

How to stay alive in this storm, that keeps eating the rabbit from loneliness and fear all day?

Not all stories that start with “Once upon a time” end with a “…and they lived happily ever after.”

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