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That Old T-shirt

Don’t we all have a t-shirt in our wardrobes whose seam is half sewn, there’s a tiny hole in the sleeve, the original design is faded and is probably a little loose or a little tight to fit?

The one we never feel like throwing away? The one which comforts you the best on a rainy day or when you return back home after a tiring day in that ‘oh-so-classic’ outfit?

That one which you can never wear in front of anyone but your family who won’t judge you or in front of friends who are now practically a part of your family. That one which you won’t wear even to go downstairs to get your mom coriander or curd.

That one which your mom tells you to throw away hundreds of times but you cannot even see a single reason why to do so.

That old & favorite t-shirt and comfort levels shouldn’t be compromised for anything!

P.S.: I would never find the right image for this blog.


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