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The Indian Summer

With all its colours,

And all its tastes,

Comes summer with stories,

Of traditions and a new phase.

The aroma of dried Indian spices.

Of tej patta, javitri, dalchini, kali mirchi, elaichi, badi elaichi, laung, saunf, jaiphal, chakra phool, jeera, dhaniya dana and the summer sun.

Drying the red chillies before grinding into a powder and using them in almost every sabzi, curry for spice and flavour.

Drying the sliced and half-boiled potato to make sun dried potato chips. Store them for the rainy days and fry them to serve with chai.

Summer are incomplete without mangoes. Using raw mangoes to make pickle, chutneys and Aam Panna, ripe mangoes to eat after every meal as is or in the form of Aam Ras or mango icecream, mango barfi, mango sheera, mango cake and what not!

Ice Gola sums up a summer afternoon with cousins and board games.

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