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The last two weeks 

Fourteen days are already down in the new year and I am confessing that the last two weeks have been absolutely incredible.

In the last two week I’ve learnt that giving up something is never an option. I’ve learnt that if you’re positive to make something happen so badly then nothing in this world, I repeat, NOTHING in this world can stop you from making it happen. I’ve learnt that things are not going to happen easily ever. I’ve learnt that no matter what the things going wrong will eventually come on the right path. I’ve learnt that if a team plans to succeed, a single, small failure won’t affect on the larger scale. I’ve learnt that events can only be organized with a positive frame of mind and keeping in mind the deadlines. I’ve learnt that it’s never too late for making things right. I’ve learnt that positivity is contagious. I’ve learnt that I’m missing the last two weeks in an extremely bad way.

Finally, I’ve learnt that a team that cannot face failure together, doesn’t deserve to achieve success together. :’)

Specially dedicated to Team Mediatheque. ❤


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