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When Chai Spills

When hot chai,

Spills on your hand,

The first feeling is,

It's HOT,

And the next feeling is,

The numbness,

Of your hand,

As you hold it under,

The cold water,

And you start feeling the coldness,

React with the numb hotness,

It then burns and burns for another hour or so,

Turns red, sensitive to touch,

And it simply hurts.

But today when chai spilled on my hand,

I not just felt this,

But I also felt the pain that I felt,

Years ago when I spilled chai on my body accidentally,

I didn't just feel the pain of burning today,

But also some residual hurt,

Of everything that have and haven't processed,

So when chai spills on your hand,

It's painful, in every sense,

From hand to heart,

Everything hurts.


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