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Words I Don't Say

I often keep all the words,

At the tip of my tongue all day,

And bring them out here every night,

In a one-way conversation with the universe,

Hoping someone, somewhere would read them,

And ask what's happening to that heart of mine?

So, here are instances I wish I said them out loud today,

But something in me stopped from doing so,

Or maybe there was no one listening to them as my words swallow,

Creating a pit in my stomach,

Maybe I should have told them to you,

But would you even bother?

Which one of you I'm talking to anyway,

I don't even know now.

So, I shut up and forget them until,

I write them down here,

In the hope of someone reading them somewhere,

Why didn't I say something to them then?

P.S.: I wrote another poem after this and maybe it is stronger than this but I'm keeping that to myself for now. I have been doing this often but I really think they're best kept with me without anyone reading them.


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