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24 things

1 thing I know for sure

2 things I dream of

3 things I need to work on

4 things are already pending

5 things I thought about

6 things distract me

7 things I want to say

8 things I hide from the world

9 things I wish I could eat

10 things I love about you

11 things I love about myself

12 things I like doing

13 things in my bucket list

14 things I remember of my childhood

15 things about my first home

16 things that broke my heart

17 things I did to fix it again

18 things I like about traveling

19 things I would never do again

20 things I want to tell you

21 things I need to quit

22 things that remind me of you

23 things I can cook

24 things about today


words for the day

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