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Lots of backspaces, lots of 'select all' delete, lots of delete the draft, let it rot in the draft, what do I write today? What do I write today, again? Do I have to do it again? Again, today? Once more? Yaar, I have seriously nothing to write about today.

This has literally been my mood with the blog this year. I'm not going to lie, it was a struggle, and it took a lot of effort to write a single blog daily. Most days, I had no inspiration and hardly had a muse to write on. I made myself the muse, focused on the most empowering thoughts and tried to craft something. 

I really tried on the worst days when I was sick, and I couldn't even keep my eyes open I tried. I tried even when I knew no one might be reading it. I tried when I had no ideas, I tried my hardest then, and I came up with something. 

Poetry used to be the easiest thing to do this year, but it wasn't. Yet, I wrote. I missed having a muse, an editor who could give me prompts, a friend who would read it and let me know if I made a typo or it was simply bad poetry. This year, I missed the person I was who loved writing poetry. Hoping that 2024 will be different. 

Anyway, here are my favourite blogs of 2023. I would love to know if you liked any of them. Text me!


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