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I Miss Texting

I miss texting someone all day, every day.

I miss giving and getting random updates about my day and their day.

I miss knowing all the little things about what happened, and what didn't.

I miss not knowing if they had a good day or not.

I miss getting and giving song and movie recommendations.

I miss texting random photos.

I miss calling each other by cute nicknames.

I miss learning new things about someone.

I miss telling someone about what I feel.

I miss texting someone after getting back home.

I miss receiving texts after they got back home.

I miss texting my blog links.

I miss texting my blogs on SMSs.

I miss sending an SMS when they've gone off grid.

I miss the old-fashioned chatting on SMS.

I miss texting someone good morning first things in the morning.

I miss texting good night and then continue the conversation for hours.

I miss spam texting.

I miss all the texting.

text me when you read this :)


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