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A Bit Of Advice

A bit of advice,

To anyone who's new to this "taking care of yourself" drill,

There's no right way to do it.

Yes, I said it.

I know you like to have a modus operandi,

With detailed lists,

Elaborate pinterest mood boards,

And what not,

Taking care of yourself,

Is not just pinning aesthetically designed posts to your board,

It's not just your 30 minutes of me time after a 12+ hour work day,

It's not binge watching Netflix,

It's not planning a vacation 6 months from today,

It's not a nap on a Sunday afternoon,

It's not just retail therapy to validate your hardwork.

It is doing the hard talk with yourself, the kind way,

It's questioning every move you make but you've to do it as if you're asking a 3 year-old child,

It's giving yourself a break from all the criticism you have for yourself.

It's talking to yourself like a friend, like a parent, like someone you love,

Because you do love yourself,

And here's a little bit of advice,

Don't ever forget that,

Taking care of yourself is the toughest-easiest thing you will do.

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