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Nothing To Lose

I actually felt,

The change in the air,

As the clock struck 12,

With air tickling my face,

I smiled at this invisible beginning,

That changes the era,

From that to this,

From a year ago,

To the year that's here,

From everything I was scared of losing,

And then everything I lost,

So, now, there's nothing more,

I can lose,

And that,

Is a scary thing,

Isn't it?

Because if I have nothing to lose,

Then I'm at my strongest self,

What more can you take from me?

Because there's nothing more I have to give,

Because there's no one else I'm scared to lose,

Because there's nothing else that matters as much as everything did.

So, now, there is,

Actually no pressure on me,

Because I know,

From here now,

Everything is different,

Everything is new,

Everything is to be lived,

Like it'll go too.


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