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Yours Or Mine?

I think,

If I had left you,

Then I would have left,

Differently than you,

For reasons different than you too,

Not that I know yours.

But, something in me makes me say,

That you didn't leave for the same reasons,

I would have left you.

Did I ever think of leaving you?

Yes, I did.

Of course, I did.

But, everytime,

I came back.

And you knew this,

Because you said,

In these same words,

"Yet you come back to me"

Yes, I do.

But, if I had left,

I would have left you,

For good maybe.

Like you have,

As you would like to think,

"For good"

But, whose?

Yours or mine?

And maybe even if I had left for good,

I would have come back,

Or gone back to you,

"For good"

But, whose?

Yours or mine?

My reasons would have been different,

But I would have been hurt the same way,

Maybe this is for good,

But, whose?

Yours or mine?


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