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Healing And Hurting

This is for everyone whose heart is hurting and healing —

I'm sorry that you're hurting. I'm sorry that someone intentionally or unintentionally hurt you with their actions or words. And, oftentimes, you blame yourself that you saw this coming and you still couldn't protect yourself. You blame yourself for your sensitivity and vulnerability. You try to protect yourself from getting hurt by not opening up and not sharing your feelings but that only makes you sadder. There are days and nights when you wish to be asked if you are okay and someone to tell you to stop lying when you say you are okay, because you, in reality, are not okay. Yet, you wake up each morning and put an effort to find hope, light and healing in little things. Not everyday is easy and you break down silently during the night, too, but, the thing that's really inspiring is you keep on going, despite no one knowing. You keep going and healing yourself a little everyday. You're wholesome. You've stories that you want to share too, but, sometimes, there aren't enough words and sometimes, there isn't anyone to listen.

But, one day everything will be okay. Your heart will feel better. You'll find words and you'll find someone who would want to hear every story you have. Moreover, you would want to tell your stories too. Until, then, you keep going. Stay strong and remember, each day, when no one asks you how you are, you are becoming stronger than ever. You are healing with or without anyone. You are healing for yourself. You are healing for your happiness.


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