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3 People

Let me tell you about 3 people I don’t like and why.

I don’t like her because she speaks with pursed lips.

She might be thinking that it makes her look confident in front of everyone but when I see her speaking, I just look at the shape her lips look like; folded petals of a flower. Now, that I think of the way she speaks, I realize, I couldn’t see her speaking without her lips pursed.

I don’t like her because she speaks too loudly while using a microphone.

She stresses at her syllables too much, loudly, almost throwing the words out of her mouth for what reason I don’t know.

She doesn’t really have a sharp pitch without the microphone. She sounds like a bird singing a melody but maybe she believes that she cannot have an authority without speaking quick and in a loud fashion. Or just for having attention towards her all the time.

I don’t like her because she speaks too slowly. Slow, not in the sense of volume but the way she says each word one after the other at regular intervals or half a second exactly.

Unlike the one speaking on the microphone, she has a loud voice, she doesn’t require a microphone at all. But it tires me, only by listening to her in an almost cassette player playing in an 80’sTV soap way.

3 of the people I could think of now whom I don’t like and why.


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