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A Flying Flex

Let me flex,

A little on the fact that,

I have been flying for a while now.

A while meaning,

Some seven odd years,

And hey, let me flex okay?

I'm flying with words,

That often rhyme,

And sometimes don't.

I'm flying with muses,

That often stay,

And most of the times they don't.

I'm flying with emotions,

That are often bitter,

But sometimes bitter-sweet.

And that being said,

I don't think I have experienced,

All the emotions yet,

Though I have realized,

That all these feelings were bare minimums,

So, I'm waiting to go full-on crazy,

As I witness myself with all the emotions,

Coming my way,

As I keep flexing,

This wonderful mind-space.

But, with that being said,

Let me flex, okay?

All the wonderful poems I've written,

For all the beautiful soulful muses,

Who have inspired me to become whole,

Even on days I felt like a crescent moon cruising,

In the dark sky alone,

But they came floating in my sky,

Like literally a scene from a book.

So, let me flex okay?

Because I'm flying,

For seven years and more.


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