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Breaking Point

As humans, we love to psycho analyse everything to some kind of "breaking point", isn't it?

That one point at which the current situation finally makes some sense. To yourself or to the ones you're explaining your situation.

That one point which can ensure that yes, it was enough, or, oh, they're too sensitive (or insensitive) that such a small thing could break them? It could be either acceptance of the said "breaking point" or simply regarding it as a moment of weakness and being completely apathetic to them.

That one point when you cannot keep on doing the same thing over and over again because it'll suck every little ounce of happiness from you.

I often think of these "breaking points" and they often lead me back to instances that lead to them.

How the smallest of the things - said and unsaid, actions - intentional and unintentional, promises - made and broken / unsaid yet expressed, chances - made and lost, apologies - unsaid and not recieved, closures - wanted and not given, truth - said yet lies, love - loved but unexpressed.

How everything can lead up to a breaking point and how we can never know what's the right thing to do. Or what would happen if we keep pushing the breaking point.

Yet, everything keeps breaking and will continue to break, the point is to know how to protect it, or, is it even worth protecting?

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