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The word control has been prominent in some or the other way since last few days. I saw a video of Mahendra Singh Dhoni on YouTube in which he was at the Sehwag International School and was answering one of the students’ question when he said, “Control the controllable“. Since then the word control is dominating my mind in some way.

Control is indeed an important thing in life. We try to control every situation, every condition and even people. Keeping things in control is sometimes necessary too. But, sometimes there are certain things which are not in our control or things which we cannot have our control on.

See, that’s why Dhoni chose the words controlling the controllable. We often keep banging our heads on things which are out of our control and thus we think we’re failing or losing. Instead, if we control what is controllable and not worry about the uncontrollable things, life would be so simple.

Now, in this so called messed up life of yours, think about how many things you’re trying to control and do they actually need your control or not. The doubt now might be what to do of the uncontrollable things? Let them be. Let them be there until they change themselves from uncontrollable factors to controllable factors. It’s not that one needs to get rid of the uncontrollable things. Just some control on having them under control.

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