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Difficult Not To Talk

"It's so difficult to not talk to you"

Says a Pinterest pin,

And I agree.

It's so damn difficult to not talk to you,

And I've done it for one day,

One more day,

One more day after that,

Until now.

Now I've stopped counting the days we haven't talked,

But I can do the math pretty quick,

Because I remember the last time we spoke,

And the exact words you said,

You see, I've seen our last conversation so many times,

To check if there's some clue I missed,

But I find nothing,

Only a cold, distant you,

And you have no idea,

How difficult was it to not talk to you,

But, you didn't try either, did you?

So, I think it's for the better it all happened,

And you might deserve all my words I wrote too,

But along with them,

You, now deserve the consequences of your actions,

In words not so sweet,

Some of them maybe you'll never ever read.

You deserve not knowing them,

And me, now.

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