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For The Best

It'll be for the best,

That we don't get in the details,

Or else I'll rip apart,

Every conversation,

At every hour,

At every location,

And you won't have,

Justifications for any of them,

And I will simply become,

Someone you don't owe answers to,

Because that's how you are,

Even less than the bare minimum,

And I deserve more,

Than questions and silences,

More than the bare minimum,

And more details to what, why, how,

But, honestly,

Let's not get into the details,

Because I have more to say,

Than you ever know,

Than you can ever hear,

But my silence is strong too,

Stronger than my heart,

Stronger than me,

And I would rather choke on my words,

Than get into the details of everything.


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