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Free Hugs Needed

A random idea crossed my mind this morning when I was commuting, why don’t people or NGOs, or even us hold placards and stand at public places like railway stations, metro stations, airports, bus stops or anywhere and everywhere where people come and go in thousands every hour saying “free hugs”?

You can never know who, where, why needs a hug. The person might be having a bad day, he might be too anxious about something, he might have faced too many obstacles to be at the place where he is right now and is almost on the verge of breaking down. A hug, a simple gesture by wrapping your arms around someone for few seconds might make a huge difference for him. He might find his lost confidence, be bold, be courageous and go to achieve whatever he wishes to in the day.

A small gesture might make someone’s day and help him in a way which is unexplainable.

I hope this happens one day, or probably I hope I make it happen one day.


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