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What if I am capable and adamant to do everything by myself,

I probably don't want to.

But, this constant decision-making and consultation,

Is exhausting in ways I never understood.

Yes, I like being asked for my opinion,

But, I'm tired of choosing your favourite colour.

I can and I have to do it all on my own,

Yes, I also have unless accolades to be won.

Upon all, I feel too much,

My feelings and yours,

So I'm buried under emotions,

Before saying anything that could hurt more.

Also, the burden of being blamed is scary,

Yet I've carried it on my shoulders, it is really heavy.

On days and night even when I wasn't wrong,

I have been insulted by relationships my own.

So, this hyper-independence and hyper-emotions drown me,

Specially when no one around me,

Asks me if I need even a glass of water,

And I keep watering their gardens for some beautiful flowers.


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