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Live Update: Cat Invasion

I stormed out of my room because I could hear a cat meowing. She was probably on the terrace and trust me when I say, cats and their meows gives me enough chills that my bones could be frozen then and there.

When I came outside, I could again hear her again. This time from outside my front door. I’m listening to songs on full volume right now and I’m very scared.

My mother just checked outside and she said that there are not one but two cats outside and they are not ready go away. One is a black cat and he’s probably a male and the other one is white and she’s probably a female. She’s telling them to go away and find another place but can someone tell my mother that they might not understand human language?!

My sister is in hysterics because she thinks it is funny; the way I’m curled up in a corner on my bed and the way my mother is handling the situation. My dad is super chilled.

Now, the cats are sitting some 10 stairs away from my house and are not willing to go away. Damn.

How am I going to sleep tonight with them sitting outside my front door or them being lurking on my terrace?

Thank you for joining the live update of me getting scared from cats and the how the situation turned out at the end.

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