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No Social Media 

I’ve been avoiding to use social media since last few months.

Why? Because, seeing photos of people doesn’t make sense anymore to me. Seeing all those similar, boring and senseless articles/jokes/vidoes is just not worth the time. Whereas uploading my poems and clicks on Instagram also has become a boring task. I uploaded things for just the sake I wanted to upload a particular picture or a write up.

I’d particularly kept Twitter exclusive for getting news about the world, cricket and other things and I think there needs to be a platform from where you can get opinions of selected people.

I’m writing my blog and posting the links on Facebook and Twitter like before. Because, writing is something I cannot leave and writing a blog every night has become a habit.

Not being on social media saves a lot of time, keeps away from nonsensical and irrelevant things, lets you know yourself a little more and gives peace. Try, maybe. P.S.: I may stop posting blog links on Facebook.


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