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Over thought 

​Maybe you’re right in saying that I should give it a chance and the situation is different this time. But, the thought of trusting someone again and being vulnerable gives me shivers. I shudder thinking about going back to square one and starting all over again after everything gets over once again. Yes, I know, I’m being a pessimist on this whole situation but there have not been any reasons to stay optimistic anyway. Going with the flow and being patient is all okay, but I don’t believe in all that now. I think it’s time to take the practicality a notch higher and stop all what I’m doing. Seems difficult because stopping means giving up and losing. I’m tired of losing. Losing even if I don’t want to. I’m over thinking. Okay.

#losing #overthinking #stop #demotivated #optimistic #pessimist #thoughts #thinking


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