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Point Of No Return

On this journey of life,

Through jungles of conversations,

That went deeper than the ocean sometimes,

Then passing through the deserts of silences,

We reached a far away point,

Of no return,

Where there's not a dead end,

Or a cliff or a death-valley,

But a stronger force,

That doesn't allow us to go ahead,

Together with each other,

So, one of us has to go,

But there's another twist here,

The other traveller can't go back,

To where they started this journey,

And the one who choses to slip into the cracks,

Can't ever come back,

Making the point of no return,

A tragedy of sorts.

We're there at this moment,

At a point of no return.

Unless you decide,

To walk back all the way to the start,

Maybe that's possible.


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