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He is on a call with me,

And I cannot see him,

But I know he has a smile on his face,

Because he's too excited about everything he's talking about.

I am not even listening to what he's saying,

Because I'm simply melting by just listening to him,

But I'm mhmm-ing and ya-ya-ing at the right time,

Until, he says my name,

Which brings me out of my day-dream,

And I become aware of everything he said,

And he just asked me if I heard anything he just said,

And maybe I was too lost,

Or maybe it happened in my day-dream,

But he just said that I do this weird magic on him,

That makes him ramble anything and everything,

In front of me,

This is something that never happened before,

And he likes that it's me he's rambling to.


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