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Sufi is devotional music of the Sufis. Sufi is sung for the Lord and it is often accompanied with dance in which the performers turn in circles wearing loose garbs. This type of mucic is peaceful to the soul and will transport you to another world.

I was lucky to attend a Sufi performance today on my college’s 58th Foundation Day.

When the curtains were down and the performers were tuning their instruments, I was looking forward to get lost in the magic that they were about to create in the next few minutes.

The curtains were up and we all could see 20 people sitting on the stage with white kurta and a multi colored scarf around their neck. The view of those singers and instrumentalists was worth a million dollar smile on anyone’s face who likes Sufi music.

The first note started and the magic started. I could feel myself escaping all the confusions I had since the start of the day and being in a place where I was at peace and could smile forever.

Three songs were sung by them and the time seemed to fly too fast as I wanted it to continue forever.

I’m attaching few links of Sufi songs in this blog and I would really recommend you all to at least try to listen to one of them. The words are difficult to understand even to me, but the pleasure is out of this world. ✨

Kun Faya Kun

Khwaja Mere Khwaja Chap Tilak (Coke Studio)

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