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to new beginnings!

I cannot believe that today is really happening. Every moment of the day felt so unrealistic that I’m still wondering if this is a fragment of my thought or whatever happened today was really real.

Life has unique ways to surprise you. When you want something, life will have different plans for you and won’t pay any head to your wishes at all. Then, when you finally start looking for alternative ideas, life will come and surprise you in every possible way.

Moreover, valahd accomplishes a whole year of blogging. This is another surprise to me because when I started to write this blog last year on this very day, I did not think that I would be writing for a year on the trot. I merely started writing for kicking out my Writer’s Block and here I’m today shedding a tear or two on my blog’s truimph.

A hearty​ thanks to all the followers and readers for being a support throughout this year. I hope to receive even more love from everyone in the future as well.

Fly, I say! 🌻


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