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Zweisamkeit: (n) the togetherness of two people; a feeling of closeness or affection of being with someone.

I like to find new words and their meanings. Or meanings of the words which pop in my mind randomly. Or words of whose meaning I know, but not the word itself. Basically, I love words.

Yes, I know what a person is called who likes words. But, no I’m not going to use it here. Too clichéd.

Also, I wanted to write this from so many days that I’m so grateful toy school teachers who took an effort to make me search about the meaning of tough words and asked me if I knew the meaning of a certain word. It always felt good when I knew a certain meaning in class.

Maybe that’s when I got into reading and maybe that’s reading is what inspired me to write on my own.

Coming back to the word, zweisamkeit, it’s rare to find a feeling of closeness to someone. But, when you feel it, it’s astronomical. (I read ‘astronomical’ in a book today and wanted to use it!)

That’s it maybe for today. Too many colliding thoughts. (That’s another good word- colliding)

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