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22 Yards

Yard 01 for the inevitable changes.

Yard 02 for the lovely relationships.

Yard 03 for the hard lessons learnt.

Yard 04 for the unforgettable memories.

Yard 05 for the unending stories.

Yard 06 for the first experiences.

Yard 07 for the tough realisations.

Yard 08 for the inspirations.

Yard 09 for the places.

Yard 10 for the photographs.

Yard 11 for the promises.

Yard 12 for the anger.

Yard 13 for the patience.

Yard 14 for the learnings.

Yard 15 for the losses.

Yard 16 for the success.

Yard 17 for the expectations.

Yard 18 for love.

Yard 19 for heartbreak.

Yard 20 for hope.

Yard 21 for belief.

Yard 22 for moving on.

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