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2nd Class Ladies Compartment.

It is common in second class ladies compartment in a Mumbai local to get free entertainment sessions as the ladies do not have any lady-like behavior while travelling at peak hours. I am a woman myself and I literally don’t feel ashamed to say that the 2nd class compartment reserved for ladies is the worst compartment ever.

On days when my 1st class pass is expired and I’ve to travel torturously in 2nd class, I feel that I should rather sit at home or travel in a general compartment where at least I’ll be among humans. I’m writing this today because, ladies in 2nd class today wanted me to adjust and stand somewhere near the extreme corner of the compartment but they themselves didn’t want to go there to stand. As I am not a regular traveller of that train and mostly in 2nd class, they behaved as if I’ve committed a crime getting into their special bogie which is made of diamonds and rubies. They even made plans right in front of me that they won’t let me get in tomorrow. Hah. They don’t know that if they do so, I’ll be calling the RPF straight away and register a complaint against them.

And to all those feminists reading this: blah.

And to all those people telling me that I’ve attitude of being a 1st class traveller: blah, blah.


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